Best of Google Doodles 2014

Google Doodles are great. I am often having a bland old regular day, and then I Google something and suddenly I am delighted by a cute animation or exposed to an interesting person. I especially love to see when Google has recognized someone I admire (such as Mary Anning).

Click each to see them larger in the Google Doodle archives. I’ve noted which ones are animated and interactive- if you click on them and they don’t move, find them on the big archives page and they will animate there (it seems like a browser issue).

The numbers 2014 dance on a disco floor, while the 3 from 2013 catches its breath
New Year’s Day (January 1) *animated
Harriet Tubman holds out a lantern
Harriet Tubman (February 1)
A woman with two braids walks away into a soft desert landscape, balancing a clay jug on her head
José Sabogal’s 125th Birthday (March 19)
A gardener waters the ground and the letters G O O L and E grow as plants; s/he waters her/his head, from which flowers grow, and takes the place of the letter G
First Day of Spring (March 20) *animated and adorable!
A woman reads a magazine, her large eyes peering over the magazine to the right
Victoria Campo’s 124th Birthday (April 7)
A man and woman in Middle Eastern costumes dance with backup dancers behind them
Mahmoud Shokoko’s 102nd Birthday (May 1) *animated
A woman dressed in a green cape and straw hat brushes dinosaur bones
Mary Anning’s 215th Birthday (May 21)
A blue-toned watercolor shows a woman, with backpack, notebook, and binoculars, looking out into a pond ecosystem filled with animals
Rachel Louise Carson’s 107th Birthday (May 27)
Surrounded by trees, cute monsters, and animals, a winged machine purifies dirty water and releases the clean water into a pond
Doodle 4 Google 2014 – US Winner (June 9) *animated from an illustration of a fantasy water-purifying invention
A woman with shoulder-length hair, large hat, and pearl necklace looks down, her lips parted
Safiye Ayla’s 107th Birthday (July 14)
A bust of Nelson Mandela surrounded by flowers and ribbon
Nelson Mandela’s 96th Birthday (July 18) *interactive
The word Google made of circles and triangles; the two O's overlap like a Venn diagram
John Venn’s 180th Birthday (August 4) *interactive
A cute John Venn presents the result of playing with the doodle - a plant (one side) that has a shell (the other side) is a coconut
One of the results of making a Venn diagram
The word Google in a starry sky as if it is a constellation
Perseid Meteor Shower 2014 (US) (August 12) *animated
a scene from the meteor shower - a starry blue sky
a scene from the meteor shower
From Howl's Moving Castle - a boy and old woman sit in front of a fireplace with a fire spirit's face visible; different landscapes are visible through the door as it opens and closes
Diana Wynne Jones’ 80th Birthday (August 16) *animated – it’s Howl’s Moving Castle!
A woman looks at a man as she gets off a train
Leo Tolstoy’s 186th Birthday (September 9) *interactive
A cute person in a sweater walks past an all-black tree, which then bursts into color; this happens again, and then the person jumps past the other trees and they turn colors too; then all the leaves fall off, leaving the branches spelling out G O O G L and one leaf falls onto the person's head, who represents the letter E
First Day of Autumn 2014 (September 23) *animated and super cute!
A woman in traditional Korean hanbok sits at a low table, painting, surrounded by large flowers, a melon, and eggplants
Shin Saimdang’s 510th Birthday (October 29)
A werewolf O terrorizes the other letters
Halloween 2014 (October 31) *different animated versions – scroll down the archives page to see them all
In a wheat field with crows, a scarecrow takes the place of L in Google; a mouse peeks out of his straw hat
one of the Halloween doodles
A woman with wavy black hair and jewel headdress holds a gold microphone, the wire of which forms the word Google
Ofra Haza’s 57th Birthday (November 19)
A man sitting on a stool paints can-can girls with fluffy dresses and hats
Henri de Toulouse Lautrec’s 150th Birthday (November 24)
The word Google is very vaguely referenced by abstract pointy and round forms
Wassily Kandinsky’s 148th Birthday (December 16)
Four women in Victorian dress parade with a flag that says 'Rights for Women', a bugle, and a sign that says 'Women are persons'; looking on is an angry older man, shocked man, and an interested woman with her hand to her face
Henrietta Edwards’ 165th Birthday (December 18) *animated between English and French; by artist Kate Beaton!!
A woman with a bag of vegetables gives a carrot to a child, who passes it to another child, who places it in the face of a snowman
Winter Solstice 2014 (Northern Hemisphere) (December 21) *animated
Adults and children in a boat, kayak, and inner tubes float around
Summer Solstice 2014 (Southern Hemisphere) (December 21) *animated; the World Cup doodles prevented us Northerners from seeing this one

The solstice and equinox doodles were drawn by Eleanor Davis.

I can’t wait to see what Google has in store for 2015 doodles!



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