Artist profile: Auroreblackcat

I found Auroreblackcat through her Harry Potter fanart, some of which is really adorable.

Aurore works in watercolors and digital media. She’s authored and drawn several graphic novels, including Harfang and Elinor Jones. You can buy her books, as well as prints and original artworks at her store. She also makes usual appearances at Japan Expo in France, which is where she lives.

Below are my favorite artworks by Aurore.

Harry Potter (look at that faaaaace)
Harry Potter (look at that faaaaace)
Elinor Jones 3 cover
Elinor Jones 3 cover

Notice that the tendrils of hair and sporadic placement of flowers make this otherwise static and symmetrical image more interesting.

Commission - Shilin
Commission – Shilin

I dig the combination of Art Nouveau, stained glass, and Asian elements.

Chibi Spock
Chibi Spock

Not only is there a chibi Spock, there’s a chibi Enterprise! Can’t beat that.

Links for Auroreblackcat:


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