Sketch by Sketch is three years old!

Happy third birthday to my blog!

Below are some highlights from WordPress’s 2014 report. After that I’ll talk about some changes to my posting schedule, my art goals for the year, and plans for my Zazzle store.

In 2014, this blog had:


  • 109 countries
  • Top 3 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada
  • Other countries included: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, Germany, France, Belarus, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and New Zealand.

I also had more comments than the two previous years. I didn’t get to reply to all of them, but thank you to every person who has taken the time to share your thoughts – I really do appreciate it.

And thank you to all my visitors, from all over the world!

Schedule Changes
I have already cut back back on posting new art to every other Saturday (instead of every Saturday) in order to have more time to make art – which means I will (hopefully) be making better art!

I will continue reviewing Sailor Moon Crystal until the season is over, and then I will have more time for other posts. It takes a long time to watch an episode, type my notes, get screen captures, and then write my review. I love doing it, but it’s a lot of work.

Art Goals
You may recall that I’ve felt trapped in a cell-animation style this year; I just keep adding more and more shadows and light glares and blend blend blend but nothing seems to be good enough. And then I see other people who use just a flat color with one shade for shadows, and their art seems better than mine.

And it’s weird because realism has never actually been my goal. For all my love of Renaissance painters, I don’t really want to have a super-realistic style. It’s obvious that manga, with its concentration on line – not color – influences me the most. Alphonse Mucha, another great influence on me, hardly shaded at all sometimes.

So, I’m going to stop trying to accomplish something I’m not even interested in, and concentrate on the basics: constructing (fairly) anatomically-accurate bodies, dynamic compositions, and interesting characterization.

Zazzle Plans
I’ve ignored my Zazzle store for a while, so I’d like to return to adding things on a regular basis.

I will also take down items that I think are dumb, so if you want anything, especially the Ragdoll Friends, order before March 1, because I may end up clearing out a lot of items.

Wish me luck, and thanks again for visiting!


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