Artist profile: lilsuika (Nancy Duong)

lilsuika (Nancy Duong) is amazing. There are few English-language resources for the student of East Asian historical fashion, and lilsuika is one such resource.
She does quite a lot of research and presents it clearly and elegantly.

Image of 1 woman each from China (Ming Dynasty), Japan (Muromachi period), Korea (Joseon Dynasty), and Viet Nam (Le Dynasty)
Fashions of East Asian Cultural Sphere, 15th to 16th Centuries

Visit lilsuika’s Tumblr for her sources for these four outfits.

1 woman each from Tran, early Le, and Le Dynasties
Cropped from Evolution of Vietnamese Clothing and Ao Dai (click to see all 21 outfits)

I love the white and blue one, and how she had the woman hold the vase from which the outfit takes its design.

She also expresses her love for Avatar through stunning fanart. She likes to pair Toph with Sokka, but more often with Zuko. I’m terrible at this kind of realistic style, so I really appreciate it when someone does it well.

Image of a blind young woman with grey eyes wearing green clothes and headdress.
Toph Bei Fong
A young woman listens to a man playing a stringed instrument.

Check out all the planning stages that went into Serenade – just wow. I recommend her entire Walkthrough Tutorials section for insight on her thought processes and techniques.

These last two demonstrate lilsuika’s talent for melding traditional Eastern art styles with digital media. I am supar jealous.

A young Chinese woman rests her forehead on the nose of a brown horse.
Happy Year of the Horse
On stylized waves, a girl on a boat lets a paper crane fly from her hands and it turns into hearts that make up a red circle; the islands of Japan, in white, are on the circle.
Love and Hope (2011)

Love and Hope was lilsuika’s response to the tsunami disaster in Japan in 2011. She donated it to charity.

My only wish is for lilsuika to draw more and more historical fashions! I would looooove an Evolution of Japanese Clothing. And if she published a book, I would buy it so hard!

Be sure to check out all her artwork on all her websites:

Other places to find her:


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