Sailor Moon Crystal review: episode 16

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Episode 16: Abduction – Sailor Mercury
From the title, you can guess that Sailor Mercury is the next one to be kidnapped by the Dark Moon Clan. And you are right.

This episode starts in the aftermath of Sailor Mars’s kidnapping. Sailor Moon accuses Chibi-Usa of being in on the abduction, and Luna tells her to dial it down while Chibi-Usa runs away. Luna says that yelling at the little girl won’t get her to reveal any information.

Later that night, Luna shows up at Mamoru’s apartment (she rang the doorbell, haha), and they find Chibi-Usa out in the rain. They bring her home and she sleeps over.

Chibi-Usa’s dream

Chibi-Usa dreams about looking for her parents among the rubble of a stone building, and starts crying when she wakes up. Mamoru cheers her up with – get this – a Tuxedo Kamen plushie! Where did he get this plushie??

Chibi-Usa warms up to Mamoru and Luna and introduces her cat-head ball – Luna P. Luna P plays a recording that says “Small Lady” (in English), and Chibi-Usa says that her mother calls her Small Lady.

Chibi-Usa holding Luna P while talking to Luna and Mamoru

Suddenly, Mamoru notices the Legendary Silver Crystal and key on Chibi-Usa’s necklace, and she tells him she can’t get home without the key. (Ooh, foreshadowing.) She asks him if Sailor Moon is really invincible – she had heard someone tell her this in her dream – and he says yes. “I wonder if Sailor Moon can save my mom,” she murmurs as she falls asleep.

The weird part of this episode happens when Luna and Mamoru return Chibi-Usa to Usagi’s house the next morning. Usagi is upset – like, genuinely upset – like she thinks Mamoru is dating a six-year-old girl or something? Gross. After all they’ve been through together – their love literally saved the world. It’s so weird. He takes her arm in concern, and they actually struggle for a moment, and I’m like, “I am so over this couple.” Mamo-chan, let her go! She is a weirdo!

Mamoru holds Usagi's hand while she slumps and looks away.
Suddenly Usagi thinks Mamo-chan is a pedophile.

Way out on the Dark Moon Clan’s planet, Diamond and Saphir discuss their “Malefic Black Crystal” (here we go – they’ve got a Bad Crystal), which is reacting “tremendous[ly]” to the energy of the Legendary Silver Crystal(s). Saphir criticizes Diamond for ordering Mars’s kidnapping – he’s always too aggressive. Diamond says – I’m not making this up – “I’ll do what I want.”

If you’re laughing, the next part will shut you up fast (it shut me up). The black crescent on Diamond’s head disappears, and a red eyeball opens up!! And it says “Are you giving me orders?” And I promptly freak out. But I have to say, Usagi being jealous of Chibi-Usa is more weird than this eyeball.

What the hell what the hell

Rubeus shows up and says he can’t “extract” any information from Mars, who is locked in “The Darkness Chamber” – that sounds pretty bad, although we don’t see anything bad happen on screen. Wiseman appears and says that Mars can still be useful, so Diamond decides to keep her around.

Berthier, the “second youngest” Ayakashi Sister, joins the dudes and informs them she’s going after Mercury, since they both use water. The Dark Moon Clan is looking for someone named “Rabbit” (“rabbit” in English), and she senses that Rabbit is close to Mercury.

Now, for the second act. Ami is at school and notices some boys who are having problems with a faucet. She “listens” for the water and locates a broken pipe. While she’s outside with a pipe guy (what would you call a guy who fixes city pipes? I dunno), Berthier shows up and is all evil. She has a dowsing pendulum made from the Malefic Black Crystal, and she warns Ami that “dowsing without a pendulum is the way of evil.” I think she’s projecting.

Ami ponders recent events while she swims in a pool at a club. Usagi and her ‘normal’/Muggle friend Naru are there; Naru took Usagi swimming to cheer her up because Usagi is still jealous of a six-year-old girl. The three of them talk about things, including that Ami’s parents are divorced, and her father is a Japanese-style painter who taught her how to swim and play chess – two things that calm her down.

While still at the club, the girls see Berthier on the TV in an interview. Apparently, even though she lives on another planet, Berthier is the #3 chess player in the world. (Sure.) She wins because her dowsing crystal tells her which pieces to move. (Yup, that would totally fly in real life.) And she takes the opportunity to challenge “the genius girl”, Ami, to a game.

The Lady Gaga of chess
Usagi, Naru, and Ami can’t believe that outfit

At the game, Berthier gives her a deal: win, and get Sailor Mars back, or lose, and she will have to give Berthier “Rabbit”. Now, I’m sure you know who Rabbit is, and Ami realizes it too – it’s Chibi-Usa.

Berthier gets serious: she tells Ami that her dowsing crystal also lets her read minds, and she knows Ami is scared of losing people: her father, Mars, and even the Moon Kingdom. Ami starts freaking out.

But then Usagi’s obnoxious voice comes from the audience: “Pull yourself together, Ami-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!” As annoying as Usagi is sometimes, this was awesome.

Ami recovers and wins like a boss, but Berthier runs out into the parking lot. The girls struggle through the crowd, but Ami makes it out to confront her Dark Moon counterpart. Ami transforms and uses her cool glasses to see that Berthier’s droids are “empty” – they’re not alive.

Berthier traps her in a torrent of water, but Venus gets the villainess with a Love Me Chain and Sailor Moon finishes her off. Again, you would think that a person’s death would cause their attack to disappear, but it doesn’t. Rubeus shows up again and takes Sailor Mercury away – uh oh.

The three remaining Scouts are left in the parking lot; Chibi-Usa had also witnessed everything, since she pops up everywhere. She wonders if Sailor Moon really is invincible.

Sailor Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in the empty parking lot, looking up at the sky.
What do we do now?

I’d say Ami got more character development in this episode than Rei got in hers; we learn about Ami’s family situation, her father, things she likes to do, her fears; and we see that the support of her friends is important enough to help her win a chess game against someone who was clearly cheating!

I’m looking forward to

  • More character development for the Scouts
  • Let’s go into space again! (I have no idea if this will happen)
  • Revealing more of Chibi-Usa’s story


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