Sailor Moon Crystal review: episode 17

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Episode 17: Secret – Sailor Jupiter

Usagi wakes up at home in tears – two of her best friends, Sailors Mars and Mercury, have been kidnapped by the Dark Moon Clan. Chibi-Usa comes in, and in an uncharacteristic gesture, gives Usagi the Tuxedo Kamen doll to cheer her up – which backfires, since Usagi gets mad that Mamoru “never” gives her cute things. But after a moment, she realizes that Chibi-Usa was just being nice.

At the arcade, Chibi-Usa totally rocks at playing the Sailor V game and gets the highest score. The energy in this scene is cute and sparkling, from when Chibi-Usa makes fun of Usagi for being terrible at the claw game to when they both get Sailor V plushies.

At the Command Center, the cats confirm that there are no clues about where Mars and Mercury were taken. Makoto points out that “Rabbit” is Chibi-Usa, and the girls ponder whether the little girl is friend or foe.

Image of the cats operating the computer controls at the command center.
No signals on any frequency, Captain!

At Usagi’s house, Chibi-Usa sees Usagi’s parents together while her mother makes dinner, and flashes back to a memory. Two people who look extremely similar to Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity stand on a balcony, looking down to a crowd of people below.

Now, I know what’s going on, but you may not know – and I’m not going to tell you yet! Hee hee.

Depressed, Chibi-Usa goes out into the rain. While walking, she remembers a voice asking, “Do you wanna know a spell that makes things more fun, Small Lady?” It’s Pluto’s voice! Chibi-Usa bonks Luna P and the kitty head turns into an umbrella, and birds come out!

Mamoru sees her from across the street and goes over. A thunderclap sounds from the sky and Chibi-Usa remembers a bright explosion in the middle of a city – and Mamoru, who reached for her in that same moment, sees the same memory through his intuitive Mamo-Vision. Poor Chibi-Usa is carrying around a lot of emotional baggage.

The second half of the episode begins in the Dark Moon Clan’s lair, where Prince Diamond holds Sailors Mars and Mercury. He mentions a queen, and that he wants to smash the Legendary Silver Crystal just to “see the look on that woman’s face.” Wiseman tells him to cool it.

Petz, the eldest Ayakashi sister, appears and informs Diamond that she’s going after Jupiter and will avenge her younger sisters. (I forgot that Calaveras is the last sister to go to Earth.)

Diamond goes to another chamber to look at a hologram – and it’s- It’s-! It looks a looooooooot like Princess Serenity… a sexy Princess Serenity. Diamond swears he’s going to get everything he wants – everything. Uh-oh.

Image of Serenity with her fingers to her lips, eyes closed, long strings of pearls draped around her neck.
Diamond must have hacked her phone to get this sexay pic.

On Earth, Usagi, Mamoru, and Luna discuss Chibi-Usa at a restaurant. Mamoru thinks that the girl escaped from somewhere – somewhere not Earth – and that he feels that she’s not their enemy. Asanuma, Mamoru’s younger classmate that Makoto had introduced in episode 15, overhears Luna talking and freaks out.

He goes outside, and while walking in the rain – it’s been raining this whole episode – he runs into Makoto. (The chances of this seem to be very small. People running into each other in Tokyo makes about as much sense as people running into each other in New York – they are both huge cities.) She takes him back to her apartment. Like Mamoru, her parents are dead and she lives alone in an improbably-nice and large place. She tells Asanuma that her parents died in a plane crash.

On the TV, there are news reports of crop circles and storms. Asanuma asks Makoto if she’s human, and she sort-of tells him the truth – she says that she and her friends have a duty to protect the world. He admires her for being so tough and, if he “had the power”, he would protect her. Moved, Makoto kisses him on the forehead. When he leaves, he swears he won’t tell anyone about her secret. Shortly after, she passes out from the cold she’s had all day.

Image of Makoto kissing Asanuma on the forehead, surrounded by sparkles and bubbles
Sooooo romantic

Meanwhile, evil Petz tells her army of Droids to replace everyone in Tokyo; she’s weakened everyone with a virus (that Jupiter has too), and the Droids change their appearances to look like humans.

Image of Petz from above. Her boobs are not drawn naturally!
Go forth, my minions, and find me the Legendary Silver Push-up Bra!

Makoto wakes up and manages to defeat her Droid double, and takes on Petz, too, but gets trapped in Petz’s black lightning bubble.

Image of Petz's black lightning clashing with Jupiter's green lightning.
Clash of the titans

Like the others, Rubeus takes her away after Sailor Moon kills Petz. Now it’s just the two blonde Senshi. I’m not envious of them – having your best friends kidnapped one-by-one is pretty terrifying.

I’m looking forward to

  • taking care of the last Ayakashi sister
  • Chibi-Usa’s secrets revealed
  • Sailor Pluto showing up


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