Sailor Moon Crystal review: episode 19

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Episode 19: Time Warp – Sailor Pluto

Nothing else happened in this episode except SAILOR PLUTO SAILOR PLUTO SAILOR PLUTO!

Okay fine, there was some other stuff.

The episode opens with Chibi Usa explaining that she’s from the future, and she came back to the past because there was a sudden explosion in the middle of her home, Crystal Tokyo. It was her fault (somehow), but she doesn’t know who attacked.

Sailor Venus asks her to take them to the future to find out what happened, but Chibi Usa is scared of going back. Tuxedo Kamen tells her that she can take her time to decide. She and Usagi stay the night at his apartment.

When Mamoru tucks Chibi-Usa into bed, he tells her that she’s strong, and that makes her feel nice because people have said that her mother is strong.

In the next scene, Usagi admits that her jealousy about Mamoru and Chibi-Usa is weird (thank god). Also weird is the animation – below are some screencaps. This has never come up before – I wonder if someone was trying to make it look more manga-ish? I could do without it.

This scene ends oddly, as Mamoru and Usagi kiss and then dramatically… fall on the floor? I don’t know what happened. I don’t think they did it (haha), because a much bigger deal would have been made than just some floaty rose petals. But I could have done without it. So they made up – no need for falling on the floor.

Anyway, Luna has a foreshadowing dream in which, in her previous life on the Moon, she had wandered far from the normal castle rooms to an ornate door. Queen Serenity finds her and tells her it is “A forbidden sacred ground, quietly defended by a solitary Guardian.” She tells Luna to never go there again and forget she ever saw the door.

The next morning, Chibi Usa decides to take them to the future because Mamoru had told her, “If you really wanna do something, you can’t run away anymore.”

At the fountain that is special to Usagi and Mamoru, our heroines and heros assemble: Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, Artemis, and Chibi Usa. They all hold onto Chibi Usa or each other, as they can’t be separated during time travel.

Image of Chibi Usa holding the key with the others behind her
Our time chasers get ready

Chibi Usa remembers Sailor Pluto telling her that time travel is the last taboo. She takes out her key and calls upon the (ancient Greek) god Chronos to take them through time. As energy starts flowing, everyone loses their grip on Chibi Usa and fall back. Not good!

On Nemesis, the bad guys and girl watch an odd little energy display representing the time travel attempt on Earth – little white balls of energy move along the floor, connected by lines of sparks. They know that the time travel isn’t “theirs”, implying they time travel too.

Wiseman says it’s a good time to strike, so Esmeraude steps up and says she’ll attack the Scouts, and present to Prince Diamond the “castle’s sleeping beauty ruler” (we can assume it’s the same woman in the hologram from episode 17). Apparently that last part was totally out of line, since she claps her hands over her mouth a blushes.

Trying to move on from her embarrassment, she introduces her henchmen, the “Boule Brothers” – twins Chiral and Achiral. They have a chemical/physics theme to their attacks, which we’ll see later. (A “chiral” molecule has a mirror-image twin, while an achiral molecule has a twin that is exactly the same – everything is in the exact same position.)

Image of two long-haired men, back to back.

Back with the good girls and guys – they are stuck between times, and Chibi Usa is nowhere to be seen. Some fog peels back to reveal the door from Luna’s memory, and suddenly SAILOR PLUTO OMG SAILOR PLUTO SAILOR PLUTO!

Images of Sailor Pluto holding her key-shaped staff; she has green hair and dark red eyes.
Don’t make me Dead Scream on your ass!

Guarding the door, she says she’ll eliminate anyone who commits the taboo of time travel. Then she does a “Dead Scream” attack on the Senshi, which was a lot different from how I remember “Dead Scream” being in the 1990s anime. It was a big deal and had a special sequence, but here she basically slashes them with her key staff.

Chibi Usa appears, running towards them, and body slams into Pluto, hugging her. You can tell Pluto was worried about her when she asks “Where were you??” It turns out Chibi Usa stole the time key, and also took the Legendary Silver Crystal from the future. Pluto explains that the Crystal has the same power in any era, and Chibi Usa wouldn’t be able to use both together to save her mother or Crystal Tokyo.

She also calls Chibi Usa “princess”, and the little girl gets bratty about it to Sailor Moon. They have one of their moments where they’re yelling at each other and being immature, which ends when Sailor Pluto opens the Space-Time Door. They have to leave her behind, since it’s her duty to guard the Door.

Cheesy images of Chibi Usa in a princess gown and Sailor Moon being agitated, with cartoon bunnies in the background.
More odd animation decisions here.

The group goes through to the 30th century. The Moon is a sickly green-beige and extremely close to the Earth, and the streets of Crystal Tokyo are strewn with dead bodies.

A black crystal is at the heart of the city, where the explosion had started. Upon seeing it, Chibi Usa passes out. Tuxedo Mask hears a voice (the voice that gave him his new attack) telling him to stay away from the black crystal.

Chibi Usa comes to, and runs towards the black crystal – because it’s so big, the Crystal Palace (her home) is inside it. The group follows her and suddenly crystal surrounds them – the work of Chiral and Achiral. The brothers encase the group in crystal so Esmeraude can show up and gloat about destroying them and the Crystal Palace.

Chibi Usa manages to say that the Palace is indestructible as long as her mother is inside. Esmeraude causes energy to surge through the crystal, hurting our heroines and heroes. Tuxedo hears the voice from before and sees a shadowy figure. The voice tells him to “pray” that the crystal will break. Tuxedo prays/wills the crystal to break, and it does, freeing everyone.

Image of a man dressed in a suit and cape, holding a staff. His face is in shadow.
Who is this mysterious and helpful person?

Venus and Tuxedo Kamen kill the brothers and Esmeraude books it out of there. Chibi Usa leads them into the Crystal Palace, which is gorgeous, of course.

They come to a chamber in which a large crystal rests on a platform. As they get closer, it’s apparent that a sleeping woman is on the platform, too, surrounded by the crystal. It looks like Princess or Queen Serenity – but it’s neither: Chibi Usa says it’s her mother, Neo-Queen Serenity.


As if that’s not enough, an adorable little kitten comes around from the side of the platform. She prances back behind a curtain, and when the group investigates, they discover a man who looks like Tuxedo Kamen, but his outfit is all white.

Image of a small grey kitten with blue eyes and a gold crescent moon on her forehead.
Oh my gaaaawd look at that sweet little faaaaaace
Image of a man who looks like Tuxedo Kamen wearing all white.
It’s a very formal occasion when Tuxedo Kamen wears white.

Who are these two mysterious people who look like Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen?? I’m sure you can guess, and I already know, but I still can’t wait for the next episode!

I’m looking forward to

  • more future-time events revealed
  • more of the super-cute kitten!
  • the appearance of a super-bad character who is so awesome
  • more Sailor Pluto (I am basically like “MOAR SAILOR PLUTO PLZ” all the time now)


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