Sailor Moon Crystal review: episode 20

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Episode 20: Crystal Tokyo – King Endymion
Subtitle: Shit Just Got Real.

Before I jump into my recap & review, did anyone else notice this?

Image of a small grey kitten with blue eyes and a gold crescent moon on her forehead.
from episode 19
The same kitten from the same scene with PINK eyes.
Episode 20: her eyes are PINK now.

Her eyes should be pink, by the way. Luna’s should be blue, actually.

Anyway! This is a good episode and the next episode should be even greater.

We last left our team of heroines and heros in the future, where they had just discovered a Tuxedo Kamen in white. Turns out he’s an illusion – his body is in another room and he can project his consciousness to speak to them.

Image of Chibi-Usa passing through the man's ghost-like body.
Sorry, no hugs today, Chibi-Usa.

If you haven’t already guessed, this guy is King Endymion. He’s the future Tuxedo Mask! And if you are now connecting the dots, that means that the queen sleeping in the Crystal is Neo Queen Serenity – future Sailor Moon!

Aaaaaand Chibi-Usa is their daughter, the princess of Crystal Tokyo!

Aaaaaand the adorable grey kitten is Diana, the daughter of Luna and Artemis!

Once you’ve calmed down from all these revelations, let’s get back to the story: King Endymion doesn’t know anything about the explosion that reduced Crystal Tokyo to rubble, but it seems that Chibi-Usa does, since she looks guilty.

The explosion caused the Legendary Silver Crystal to protect Neo Queen Serenity, but it hit the Scouts, King Endymion, and the cats in such a way that they were not killed, but knocked out and never woke up. The king can project himself to others, but the Scouts apparently cannot do this. Poor Diana spends most of her time curled up with her sleeping parents, hitting me right in the feels.

Oh and by the way, they’re all hundreds of years old because of the Crystal. And not only them, but everyone on Earth enjoys lengthened lifespans, and there has been peace for centuries.

Image of small islands with cities and lots of green areas; the islands are connected by large bridges.
Apparently Tokyo dealt with global climate change pretty well.

…Until the day of the explosion, which warped space-time and has been sucking energy from the Earth. King Endymion predicts that the Black Malefic Crystal could eventually drain the entire Earth of energy.

The King takes them to the Command Center (of the Future!) and it is really cool! He explains that Nemesis, the planet the Black Moon Clan lives on, is a planet that no one is allowed to visit because a criminal was exiled there centuries ago. (Can you guess who it was? I’m pretty sure it’s Wiseman.) The Black Moon Clan took up residence there, too.

After all this exposition, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen discover that they’re starting to become transparent! Turns out that it’s not a good thing for them to be in the future near their future selves.

Before they start to leave, King Endymion kneels down to tell Chibi-Usa that he’s sorry he can’t protect her, since he’s just projected consciousness right now. Tuxedo Mask interrupts and promises the King that he will protect his future daughter with his life.

As King Endymion leads them back to the Space-Time Door, Venus asks about Sailor Pluto. The following conversation clears up some ambiguity about Pluto’s origins – she’s descended from Chronos, the god who controls time. She is older than all of the Senshi, and “she can definitely help you” – so I hope that means we’ll see more of her in upcoming episodes.

Once the group returns home to the present, Mamoru and Usagi immediately fight over Chibi-Usa again. Usagi feels that Mamoru is placing Chibi-Usa over the kidnapped Scouts and herself. At her house, she wonders why she’s being so dumb, and wishes he had said they would protect Chibi-Usa together, instead of taking all the responsibility onto himself. I suppose Usagi’s feelings make sense, but it seems petty to focus on this when the present and future Earth are in grave danger.

In the second act, Chibi Usa spends the night at Mamoru’s place and then leaves early in the morning to go see Sailor Pluto and visit the sleeping Scouts and her mother.

On Nemesis, Diamond gazes at his sexy Neo Queen Serenity hologram while Esmeraude and Rubeus spy on him. They argue with each other and draw his attention. Esmeraude announces Wiseman has given her a new power of… evil scary arms.

Esmeraude attacks Chibi-Usa when the little girl goes outside the Crystal Palace. The scary arms are also stretchy arms! The others show up to save Chibi-Usa, and Venus knocks the evil lady back with a “Love Me Chain”, but Esmeraude grows two more scary arms! And Sailor Moon’s “Halation” attack won’t work!

King Endymion helps Tuxedo Mask do a “Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber”, which kills Esmeraude. Sailor Moon’s attack won’t work because the Legendary Silver Crystal can only work in the time it’s from – that means the present-day Crystal can only work in the present, not in the future.

Prince Diamond and Wiseman show up, and Diamond recognizes Sailor Moon as the past version of Neo Queen Serenity.

And- and- he kidnaps her!

Image of Sailor Moon trapped in a red bubble of energy.

Which is why I subtitled this episode Shit Just Got Real.

I’m looking forward to

  • Major Alphonse Mucha reference coming up
  • Sailor Pluto is going to help them out, right?
  • The best bad character will appear soon!

Fun fact: Sailor Moon was originally supposed to have white hair, but yellow won out because it’s more eye-catching in bookstores.



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