Artist profile: Xamag (Daria)

Xamag, aka Daria, is an artist based in Russia. I think I discovered her while browsing fashion-related art on deviantArt, since she has several character wardrobe collections. She makes the webcomics The Black Brick Road of O.Z. and Momento Mori. (You can also read BBR on its own website.)

I’ve read a little of BRR and I think it’s pretty neat. There are several interactive Flash pages – if you’re reading on the .com site, be sure to scroll all the way down to the comments section to find the links. Also, Daria created a game that you can play on Codepen, in collaboration with Rachel Nabors.

Here are Daria’s artworks that I like. Incidentally, they are all from BBR – but she has plenty of other good stuff for other projects, too.

Image of a dark-skinned young woman with multi-colored puffy hair floating behind her as she dances ballet.
Image of six portraits of characters from the comic, three on the light side and three on the dark side
Frescos Print (featuring Witches of various directions)
Image of an Art Nouveau style woman with a poppy flower in her black hair, holding a staff
The Emerald Princess
Image of many scarecrow characters of both genders, in various styles of dress.
Image of a girl in a giant teacup floating by a hazy landscape dominated by a giant teakettle building with windows.
Sea of Tea

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