Sailor Moon Crystal review: episode 24

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Episode 24: Attack – Black Lady

Image of Black Lady between Wiseman's magnificed claws.
If they weren’t so evil, they would be so cooool

We last left our reunited heras and heroes as they confronted Black Lady. She calls upon Sapphir and Prince Diamond to immobilize the Scouts, leaving Sailor Moon free. Black Lady presents her zombie-fied dad-boyfriend Tuxedo Mask to Sailor Moon and he very slowly attacks her with her own Moon Rod… because she is in such shock. (Seeing your evil adult daughter from the future kiss her young father from her past – your present boyfriend – is enough to shock anyone.)

Recovering from the blow, Sailor Moon apologizes to Black Lady. She admits her jealousy about Mamoru and Chibi-Usa was hurtful, and she sees that part of herself in Black Lady (to a ridiculous extreme, of course). Prince Diamond remarks that you can take love by force, to which Sailor Moon responds that people, and love, are not things.

You can see parallels between Black Lady and Prince Diamond here, in that they both think they love someone (Tuxedo Kamen/her dad and Neo Queen Serenity), but they really just want to possess those people, and they will go to great (evil) lengths to ‘acquire’ them.

Wiseman directs Black Lady to conjure a third Black Crystal megalith, which she does – and it is huge!

Image of a giant black crystal levitating over three tiny people
That’s Black Lady down there! So tiny!

Diamond protests because a third attack on Earth will likely destroy it and everyone on it. Black Lady sends the megalith smashing into the Earth – in what would be a super badass move if it didn’t mean environmental destruction.

Angry, Diamond reveals that his Evil Eye power (which, ironically, Wiseman gave him) shielded him from Wiseman’s brainwashing in the previous episode. When brainwashed Sapphir attacks him, he uses the Evil Eye to kill him. Even though Sapphir had tried to stab Sailor Moon in episode 22, it’s a little sad that Diamond had to kill him.

Turning his Evil Eye on Wiseman, he ‘kills’ him too… only that hooded, clawed figure wasn’t actually Wiseman. The real Wiseman is Nemesis, the planet itself. When Wiseman/Phantom was banished to the planet by Neo Queen Serenity, his will merged with the evil planet.

Aaaaand Nemesis is about to collide with Earth!

Image of the red planet Nemesis about to hit the island with the giant Black and Silver Crystals.
Holy shit

Back at the Space-Time Door, Pluto notices that the storm has quieted, and she considers leaving the Door to help the Scouts. She remembers when she was little and Queen Serenity (Queen Serenity, Sailor Moon’s past-life mom), told her that there were three things she should never do: travel through time, leave the Door (and have, like, friends or a life or anything), and… the flashback ends there, with that tantalizing third thing left unspoken!

Image of a cute pre-teen Sailor Pluto.
OK, I will just stand in one spot for all of eternity.

Sailor Moon, her energy in harmony with the Crystal surrounding the Palace, protects it from Nemesis’s onslaught with her sheer determination to save Earth. Diana runs to Sailor Pluto and tells her to leave the Space-Time Door to fight the bad guys – even though she’s a tiny kitten, she’ll guard the Door until Pluto comes back! Is that not super-cute? Moon kitties are the best.

Image of Sailor Pluto cuddling Diana to her face.
Totes adorbz.

Sailor Moon, unable to hold out against an entire fiery planet of evil, surrenders to Black Lady, begging her to turn back into Chibi-Usa. Tuxedo Kamen takes her brooch, which Blacky Lady yanks out of his hand to gloat about having both the past and future Silver Crystals… only to have Prince Diamond to snatch them out of her hands! I’m not prone to slang, but – LOL!

Pluto shows up just in time to see a wide-eyed, paranoid Diamond holding both Crystals. She knows that, if they touch, everything is going to be destroyed – and he’s about to smush them together!


I’m looking forward to

  • Sailor Pluto has to fight in the next episode!
  • Black Lady, please stop giggling!


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