Sailor Moon Crystal review: episode 25

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Episode 25: Showdown – Death Phantom

This episode is super emotional. Get yourself some tissues before you watch.

Last time, Sailor Pluto had broken the taboo of leaving the Space-Time door to help the Scouts. She shows up just in time to see Prince Diamond with the past and present Silver Crystals. He’s about to touch them together, which will destroy everything.

Pluto remembers Queen Serenity telling her the third taboo, which is that she shouldn’t ever stop time.

And then she stops time!!


Everything freezes except King Endymion, since he’s outside of his body. Then sparkles come out of Pluto’s Garnet Rod that wash over the Scouts, cats, Tuxedo Kamen, and Black Lady, allowing them to move. Tuxedo Kamen regains his own mind – perhaps with time stopped, it was easier for the Moon Rod to heal him.

Pluto flashbacks to when Queen Serenity told her that stopping time would mean she would probably die. She collapses and Usagi rushes over. Pluto tells her to get the two Crystals from Diamond quickly, because the frozen time effect won’t last long. Usagi does so and the rest of the good guys and girls join the fallen Scout. Jupiter puts Pluto’s head in her lap as she tells Usagi she always wanted to be useful and wanted to fight with them. She begs her to save Small Lady (Chibi-Usa).


She summons Diana from the Time-Space door and thanks her for guarding it. Pluto then apologizes to King Endymion for not protecting Small Lady. She looks beyond the Scouts to where Black Lady is, and dies.

Black Lady, confused at the feelings rising in her, at first tries to re-assert her evilness by saying “I am Black Lady. I have no friends or allies.” But she remembers being friends with Pluto, especially a scene in which she told Pluto that she’d gotten in trouble for visiting her. Pluto, who we know would be really sad to lose her only friend, accepts that she probably won’t see Chibi-Usa any more and says, “Just thinking of someone and quietly watching over them from afar is also a form of love.”


Black Lady breaks down crying, and her Black Crystal earrings shatter. One of her tears turns into a Silver Crystal, and she transforms into a Sailor Scout!


Everyone is shocked that this little girl, who had previously demonstrated no powers at all, broke from Nemesis’s evil control and turned into a Scout! She runs over to the group, apparently unaware that Pluto had just died. “Look, I transformed!” she tells Pluto, and then realizes what happened.


Usagi gets supremely mad that Pluto is dead and Chibi-Usa has lost her friend. She takes her Crystal, transforms, and attacks the Nemesis planet with a Moon Princess Halation. When Tuxedo Mask stands with her, their combined power heals the cracks in the Moon Rod. The other Scouts unleash their attacks at Nemesis too, while Chibi-Usa looks on in awe. Prince Diamond also watches them contemplatively.


The light from their combined attacks is blinding, and suddenly Nemesis disappears from the sky. But that was way too easy, don’t you think?

After a moment of silence, Nemesis reappears and attacks. But Prince Diamond protects them with his Evil Eye! He tells Nemesis that he’s the “only one” who gets to kill Neo Queen Serenity and get the Crystal.


Nemesis dissolves him for this betrayal, and the last of the Black Moon Clan is dead.

Nemesis warps the space around the Scouts and they start to fall into darkness, discovering a huge evil mummy head! It’s Death Phantom, the original criminal that Neo Queen Serenity had banished to Nemesis so long ago.


Over some cool rock music, an undaunted Sailor Moon swears to Death Phantom that he won’t have Earth!

Awesome, heartbreaking episode! I am super excited for the finale!

I’m looking forward to

  • more badass fighting!
  • Are there three Legendary Silver Crystals now??
  • Neo Queen Serenity has to wake up for the finale!


  • Congratulations to Sailor Moon’s voice actress, Mitsuishi Kotono, and Fukuen Misato, Chibi-Usa/Black Lady’s voice, for their performances this episode – they were really good!
  • You know how Pluto’s Garnet Rod is heart-shaped? Guess what – the planet itself has a heart on it!


    Please visit NASA’s New Horizons mission gallery for more photos of Pluto as they come in from the New Horizons probe!


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