Knitting as Art, Part 2: Yarn Bombing

It happens at night, when no one’s watching.

It could happen to a stop sign. It could happen to a tree. It could happen to a statue.

When the sun goes down, everything’s fine. But when it comes up again…


Yarn bombing is sooooo coooool. Knitters and crocheters just kicking back, doing their craft in the daytime, then sneaking out at night and affixing it to whatever they want. It’s like graffiti, but doesn’t harm property. Can you get in trouble for yarn bombing? Maybe, but what’s the charge going to be? One count of Making Things Look Warm and Fuzzy?

Because of its non-damaging and joy-evoking nature, museums and cities have invited people to yarnbomb as part of exhibits, festivals, and just because.

Below are some of my favorite yarn bombs, but feel free to Google “yarn bombing” and be dazzled by this sweet street art. (Maybe you’ll be inspired yourself!)

Monster benches via Jill Watt
Parking meter monster by Hanasaurus Rex
Amigurumi in a pocket!
via The Green Dragonfly
Statue in Bali yarnbombed by Magda Sayeg

In Melbourne, Australia, yarnbombed by Yarn Corner
Crochet in Helsinki, Finland
New York City Wall Street Charging Bull yarnbombed by Olek

More yarn bombing (aka yarn storming) links:

Read Part 1


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