Artist profile: Gambargin (Gin P.H.)

Gambargin draws warrior women in historically-realistic armor, and has opinions about it! Gambargin is from Australia and describes himself as an amateur, but I do not agree with this! I can’t argue about him being from Australia (hee hee) but I think he is definitely really good at drawing and researching.

My favorites – which were really hard to narrow down. Please visit his deviantArt page for lots more, especially Historical Warrior Queens (the ones below were not real historical people).

Women Pirates of Project Blood and Steel (Concept)
Wu Xuan Gongzhu of Yang Chao (Han Chinese)
Sultana Ahu of Sultanat Misr Al-Sarraviyah (Egypt)
HWS: Medieval – Mexica Invasion of Japan, Kyushu

I love the contrast between the saint on the building and the warrior:

Vardanoush ve Sargistuni of Kavkaus Hayk (Armenia)
Project Fantasia: Lady Cassandra of House Draconis
The Making of Gambargin Women Warrior Art

Links for Gambargin:



  1. Hi Ridley! Thank you so much for the kind words and mentioning my art in your blog. One of my watchers pointed me to this and I’m very happy that you find my art to your liking :)

    Feel free to drop me questions should you need one, especially concerning art and drawing!



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