Painter Essentials 5 Brushes

Soooooo I got a new Intuos tablet from Wacom (whoo hoo!) and the “Art” tablet comes with a sort-of-free download of Painter Essentials 5. (The included software is what makes the “Art” different from the “Draw”, “Comic”, and “Photo”.) Today I went through all the brushes to see which ones I will probably use.

The Van Gogh is cool because it changes colors with each new stroke – looks like four colors is the limit, unless I can customize it further.

Speaking of which, I’m having trouble with the keyboard shortcuts. They’re different from what I was used to in Corel Painter Essentials 4 and I’m having a hard time finding either a list of the new shortcuts or a way to map the shortcuts I want.

The tablet it pretty nice, though. It allows you to use touch gestures (replacing the neat zoom circle I had on my Bamboo tablet I bought seven years ago), but I find I accidentally rotate when I mean to zoom, so I’ll have to find a way to disable rotate! Lots to get used to, so for now I’ve been using the switch to turn the touch feature off.

My tablet also came with a free 30-day trial to and you know I’ll be all over that! Very exciting.


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