Artist profile: Heather Penn

Heather Penn is an L.A.-based game and webcomic artist. She was the environmental artist for the Kickstarter-funded game Classroom Aquatic and is now art director and lead artist for Overland. A lot of her art looks 2D but is actually 3D! She does do 2D art, though. Penn has started a blog for her upcoming webcomic, Protean Sea, that I will be checking out when it starts.

Here are a few artworks by Penn that I like a lot! You can click on some of them to go to their Tumblr posts.

Selections from the Tea Spirits calendar
Tea Spirit – Persimmon
unnamed Tea Spirit for 2017
from Protean Sea
from Protean Sea
Tea Spirit – Sleepytime
a “failed” Tea Spirit that didn’t make it into the calendar

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