Art Discovery: Iterative Drawing by Sycra

I came across a video by Sycra about his Iterative Drawing method. He considers himself more of an analytical person – not “naturally” artistic – and Iterative Drawing has helped him become a better artist while appealing to his analytical personality.

You can watch the video on YouTube – Sycra describes what the method is around 9 minutes in. It’s basically drawing the same small thing over and over, each time analyzing what could be better about it and then doing that. So don’t bother drawing a whole detailed figure – you’re wasting time. Draw a bunch of hands first, then move to heads, then something else. This lets you skip over those 10,000 hours you supposedly need to become really good at something.

Artists can also iterate color – develop a good color sense by trying out different color combinations in quick succession. I love doing this – it’s just super fun to see all the colors at once, like when I drew original characters for the Avatar universe.