Artist profile: Hannah Alexander


This is crazy. I didn’t plan this at all. Today – today! – was Hannah Alexander’s first day as a self-employed artist! Hannah worked as a veterinary nurse but decided to leave her job because she didn’t like her place of employment, and because her Patreon has brought her about the same income as her job did.

Hannah Alexander designs fantastic costumes. I have never posted anything Disney, but I was so dazzled by her embellishments of the Disney princesses that I had to include them here. She’s also managed to impress me with her Alphonse Mucha style, and you know I am a harsh judge of anyone who takes after him. Cuz he’s the best.

So take a look at my favorites below and be sure to make Hannah Alexander’s first week of self-employment a great one by contributing to her Patreon and buying art from her Redbubble store! (Click to see bigger at her deviantArt account.)

Part of Your World
Jasmine from Art Nouveau Costume Designs V
Suki (work in progress detail from a Patreon-only artwork)
Tiana from Art Nouveau Costume Designs VII
Princess Mononoke
Mulan from Art Nouveau Costume Designs I
Determination (Merida)
Smart Daddies
Meg from Art Nouveau Costume Designs V
detail from Innocence (Snow White)

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