My art: Spirit Portrait finished & on sale!

I finished it! It took a while (10.5 hours over a month) but I’m really pleased. And I put it in my Redbubble store, so take a look!

My technique is to draw the line art digitally and add watercolor textures for color, but I was inspired by Sara Tepes (an upcoming Artist Profile) to add real photos for the sparkly stars. I went to Pixabay and Pexel to find royalty-free space photos.

Centaurus A Ngc 5128

Using the free, open source program Krita, I increased the contrast of the galaxy photos and set the blend mode of the photo layers to multiply or screen, depending on the darkness or lightness I was going for. I’m definitely going to use this technique in the future, because using real stars is way easier than trying to make random sparkles with a brush – and looks better!