Artist profile: Sara Tepes


I came across Sara’s YouTube channel while looking for tutorials on the open-source digital art program Krita. Ms. Tepes is just eighteen but already has a large portfolio of excellently-done artworks in a variety of media, sells her artwork online, and posts YouTube videos every Sunday of speed-paints and product reviews. (Links below.)

In one of her recent videos, she mentioned she was going away to college to study graphic design, and I was like… really? Just keep on doing what you’re doing, girl! You don’t need to go to college, you have such a good thing going right now!

The good things:

  • her execution and technique – especially how she does greyscale first and layers over with color (like an oil painting)
  • her attention to detail
  • her dedication to posting videos
  • that she paints people of color
  • the variety of media she uses: digital, watercolor, graphite, markers
  • artists sharing their techniques
  • her Poirot Pinterest board ^_^

Below are my favorite artworks (click to see them larger), and below those are links for Ms. Tepes’s social media and shops. (I gave titles to some of these because they didn’t have titles.)

The Universe’s Veins
girl with Bohemian skirt
Blue Velvet
lady with bun
Little Red Riding Hood
model with flowers

Links for Sara Tepes:


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