Tarot Feature: Golden Thread Tarot

Photo by Benebell Wen

The design of the deck was inspired by the concept of the night, and the archetype of a single string that connected all things within the universe, threading images in a murky unknown.

Tina Gong, illustrator of the Golden Thread Tarot and founder of Labyrinthos Academy, was the focus of an episode of the Side Hustle School podcast. After listening, I immediately looked her up and was tickled to see such cute, compelling, and well-composed designs. The cardstock, which is gold foil on matte recycled plastic, also looks awesome.

Photo by Benebell Wen

Her philosophy of Tarot as a tool for self-knowledge and self-development matches my own:

We don’t believe in divination.
Tarot is your mirror.
What you read and interpret is a reflection of your own inner world.

Photo by me

Like the International Icon Tarot, this deck’s simplicity enhances the symbols and meanings of each card. The geometric style could have easily felt too modern or techy, but it just doesn’t. From a design standpoint, it’s very well done. I love Gong’s use of repeating lines and how she often breaks the rectangle frame and takes lines to the edge of the card.

LOVE the queens!

I have to say that, while I love to look at all of my featured Tarot decks, this one really touches me on a subconscious level – the designs tap deep into the basic symbols of primarily-Western cultures and hit me right away. Tina Gong, you nailed it!

How many eyes do you NEED
The Hermit
Look at the little slimes!
The Star
Notice she replaced the traditional symbols in the corners with symbols of the suits

I’m not one to download apps, but I may just download one of the free-forever Tarot apps to learn card meanings. There are three apps and they all look great, especially the Golden Thread one.

Along with the deck, I got the Map of the Universe altar cloth, which is a four-foot square silk cloth featuring the Zodiac signs, night and day, above and below, and the center. You can use the cloth for spreads, but I’m going to wear it : )


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