Best Google Doodles of 2017

Wow, the Google Doodles were more interactive than ever before. In addition to static Doodles, there were animations, carousels that told stories, videos, and games.

See my favorites below! Click on each to see it larger/animated/play the game.

To see all of them, go to the Google Doodle Archives.

Australia Day 2017 (January 26)
Valentines Day (February 14) *game
Seven Earth-size Exoplanets Discovered! (February 23) *animated
International Women’s Day (March 8) *carousel
First Day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere) (March 20) *animated
Cassini Spacecraft Dives Between Saturn and its Rings! (April 26) *animated
Zaha Hadid (May 31)
Josephine Baker (June 3) *carousel
Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) (June 21) *animated
Eiko Ishioka (July 12) *carousel
100th Anniversary of the Silent Parade (July 28)
Amalia Hernandez (September 19)
Fall Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) (September 22) *animated
Selena Quintanilla (October 17) *video
Nain Singh Rawat (October 21) – This is a photo of a hand-made diorama.
Halloween 2017 (October 31) *video SO CUTE RIGHT IN THE FEELS
Pad Thai (November 7) *carousel
Celebrating 50 years of Kids Coding (December 4) *game – I found it challenging and I have a coding background!
Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) (December 21) *animated
Marlene Dietrich (December 27) – art by Sasha Velour, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

(See my favorites for 2016, 2015, 2014.)


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