My art: Leda with Horns 2.0

My art: Leda with Horns 2.0


I thought my first version of Leda needed an extra something-something, so I added some textures and color. It took a looooong time to do the horns – I took my Color Study: Brown and sliced it up and rotated the pieces.

If you like Leda, head over to my Redbubble store to see all the products she’s on!

My art: digitally-altered photos

My art: digitally-altered photos

I have a lot of nature photos and have uploaded some to my Redbubble store. Some are pretty amazeballs, if I do say so myself.

Epic Bee
Epic Mushroom

But not all of them are that amazeballs, so I’m jazzing up some of them with a little digital alteration. I was really inspired by how Sara Tepes uses photos for visual textures, and my favorite technique so far has been to take royalty-free photos of outer space – stars – and layer these onto the photos.

Rainbow Falls

I’m also isolating elements by making the backgrounds black and white and leaving the important parts in color.

Mushroom Friends

Look out for more this fall and winter!

My art: Chibi Birth of Venus WIP

My art: Chibi Birth of Venus WIP


I swear I posted my original sketch of my chibi Birth of Venus from at least two years ago, but I can’t find it. Oh well!

I am using the vector art program Inkscape to make this. I thought I’d try making the basic line art as vector and so far I am loving it. One of my most time-consuming tasks when painting digitally is just matching my own pencil lines with the paintbrush. With vector – and a high “smooth” setting – I can bust out these lines and then adjust them as needed.

My art: Spirit Portrait finished & on sale!

My art: Spirit Portrait finished & on sale!

I finished it! It took a while (10.5 hours over a month) but I’m really pleased. And I put it in my Redbubble store, so take a look!

My technique is to draw the line art digitally and add watercolor textures for color, but I was inspired by Sara Tepes (an upcoming Artist Profile) to add real photos for the sparkly stars. I went to Pixabay and Pexel to find royalty-free space photos.

Centaurus A Ngc 5128

Using the free, open source program Krita, I increased the contrast of the galaxy photos and set the blend mode of the photo layers to multiply or screen, depending on the darkness or lightness I was going for. I’m definitely going to use this technique in the future, because using real stars is way easier than trying to make random sparkles with a brush – and looks better!

My art: Spirit userpic WIP

My art: Spirit userpic WIP


I’m working on a new user picture. I may make a series of similar images based on the five elements – if I do so, this one would be called “Spirit” because it has violet tones.

My art: I’m a plant mom!!

My art: I’m a plant mom!!

I ordered seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and planted them at the beginning of April. I was inspired by Stardew Valley to start growing my own food, and eventually I’d like to have enough plants that I can save some money with a container garden.

Little did I know that from this practical desire would spring intense delight and love! I have fallen head over heels for the little sprouts that came up! Actually some are still emerging and I squee over every new one.

Here are some photos (please forgive my terrible phone camera):

Cabbage sprouts at three and half days!
Cabbage sprouts a day or two later
Tomato sprout
Stinging nettle sprout – so tiny!
Leda with Horns finished and for sale!

Leda with Horns finished and for sale!

I finished digitally inking my Leda sketch and now it’s in my Redbubble store!

I’m learning how to use the free program Krita, which I will review in upcoming months. The brush I used was “Pencil_2B”.

I am so happy to have another artwork in my store, although I hope with a commitment of fifteen minutes of art per day I can work a little faster than one finished project every two months ^_^;;