Webcomic Reviews

First, my review policy: I do not do reviews by request. I did it once, and it turned out well because I genuinely liked the comic. However, the pressure of knowing that the author will see my review, as well as the possibility of “having to” review a comic I’m not 100% happy about, led me to conclude that it’s not for me.

Now, I’ve been reading webcomics for at least ten years. I’ve read all or a substantial amount of each of these so that you don’t have to be scared about checking them out! I’ve included sample comics here so that you don’t even have to click on the reviews if you don’t feel like it.

These are listed in alphabetical order. If you would like to read them in chronological order (newest to oldest), please click webcomic reviews.

My review of Galaxion by Tara Tallan

Galaxion page 149
Galaxion page 149

My review of Hark, a Vagrant by Kate Beaton

Hark, a Vagrant NEMESIS #327
Hark, a Vagrant NEMESIS #327

My review of Inverloch by Sarah Ellerton

page 417
Inverloch page 417

My review of Knite by `yuumei

from Chapter 3
from Chapter 3 of Knite

My review of Lackadaisy by Tracy J. Butler

Lackadaisy #121
Lackadaisy #121

My review of The Less-than-Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver

TJ & Amal chapter 20, yage 4
TJ & Amal chapter 20, yage 4

My review of Love! Love! Fighting! by S-Morishita

Love! Love! Fighting! chapter 3, page 3
Love! Love! Fighting! chapter 3, page 3

My review of Megatokyo by Fred Gallagher

Megatokyo strip 527
Megatokyo strip 527

My review of Minimum Security by Stephanie McMillan

Babies aren't organic!
Minimum Security May 16, 2007

My review of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella by Justin Pierce

Wonderella: Cape of Good HOPES (Jun 25, 2011)
Wonderella: Cape of Good HOPES June 25, 2011

My review of The Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton

Jonas, Petria, and Robyn have a big problem.
Phoenix Requiem page 781

My review of Toothpaste for Dinner by Drew

DEA officials held a press conference to alert law enforcement officers of a dangerous new hallucinogen, "books", which can cause users (slang term "readers") to visualize people and places that do not exist.
Toothpaste for Dinner June 18, 2008

My review of Wish3 by Sylvia T. Leung

pages of Wish3 from 2001, 2003, and 2006
pages of Wish3 from 2001, 2003, and 2006, © Sylvia T. Leung